The old tradition of when you see a penny on the ground, you take a quick second, pick it up and make a wish. Have you ever done that? Do you STILL do that? My answer is "Yes" - I'm old-fashioned that way, I have my dreams and what have I got to lose, right?

What would you wish for here in Bismarck/Mandan?

Everyone has different wants and needs, maybe you are keeping your fingers crossed that the Minnesota Vikings make it to the Super Bowl this year. By picking that penny hope, you are assuring yourself one step closer to a minor miracle happening this season. Other thoughts that stand out - are you thinking about your future?

What makes you genuinely happy living here in North Dakota?

Most on-the-spot "wishes" are probably of immediate financial gain (that one cent you just found clearly won't help) - but you can dream about getting a sudden raise at work, or that someone you know who is in poor health makes a quick recovery. Dreams are what make life worth living every single day.

Wish our drought away

Currently, Bismarck and Mandan are going through one of the worst droughts we have ever had - the heat seems to have diminished quite a bit, but the clouds have teased us all with threats of rain, yet nothing. How about this - let's all keep our eyes out for pennies on the ground and make that one wish that we get the precipitation that BisMan so desperately needs. Last week at Bike Night, one of our sponsors told me just how rough of a summer it's been at his farm - animals have died because of the stifling heat and lack of water - so heartbreaking to hear.

Everyone has wishes - big or small

Who knows, maybe one day the shiny penny will disappear forever, but your dreams never will.


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