Nothing like a pesky form of weed to try and ruin our day

The weed I am talking about is called Palmer Amaranth. Here is what says about this pest:

Common Name: Palmer Amaranth
Alternate Names: Palmer pigweed, careless weed
Scientific Name: Amaranthus palmeri S. Watson
Legal Status: Prohibited - Eradicate

All above and below ground parts of the plant must be destroyed. Additionally, no transportation, propagation, or sale of this plants is allowed

This has been an ongoing problem for a while now, imagine this, Palmer Amaranth can grow as much as 3 inches A DAY, and if I told you that this super weed could actually STOP a carbine, would you believe it? According to the Bismarck Tribune, the PA's out there can reach a height as tall as 7 feet, and the even scarier thing is that in a four-year span it has been documented in 19 counties. Farmers are told to be braced for it, and they are already aware of the quick growth span.

Some experts are calling it "staggering"

Bismarck Tribune recently reported "The potentially devastating weed Palmer amaranth has been documented in three more North Dakota counties, raising the total to 19 counties in a four-year span -- a total one expert says is "staggering...officials are now preparing for the eventuality of farmers having to fight established stands of it in their fields"  There is no exact prediction how soon this could start causing expensive frustrations, "... but if and when it happens, it could greatly add to farmers' costs." We are talking about at least double the cost. As always in life, only time will tell.

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