Twenty-eight people were injured when a storm shook up a Watford City trailer park.

UPDATE: the National Weather Service has confirmed that a tornado (rating EF-2) did in fact touch down in the area. Police report one fatality, a one week-old baby that died of injuries sustained in the storm.

The Fargo Forum says the storm hit central McKensie County early Tuiesday, flipping trailers and trapping and injuring a number of residents.

What exactly happened? officials are not sure; early (unconfirmed) reports indicated that a tornado may have touched down in the area.

Authorities say numerous 9-1-1 calls came in, indicating a number of injuries resulting from the storm.

Responding units describe finding "widespread destruction" at the site of the trailer park.

Preliminary reports indicate 28 civilians were treated at McKenzie County Hospital with at least three flown in by air ambulance.

Officials say displaced residents can shelter at the Watford City Civic Center at 1112, 2nd Ave. N.E. Residents are asked to avoid Main Street from Sixth Avenue S.E. to 24th Avenue S.W.

Volunteers for cleanup are welcomed. You should report at the Subway at 105 9th Ave. S.E. Volunteers with heavy equipment should report to the incident command center located at the Eagles Club on Main Street.

[Source: Fargo Forum]


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