Thinking Of Our Farmers & Ranchers

As the snow gets deeper and deeper, it certainly creates problems for those of us living within the city limits, but it may be even more serious for those who own livestock.

My Heart Goes Out...

I stumbled across these photos on Facebook and couldn't help but feel for these ranchers.

They Are Doing Everything They Can

Ranchers are trying to save their livestock and get around in blizzard conditions.

They are doing their best to round up the animals, but as you can see, it has become very difficult to get around in these snowy conditions.

These photos were taken yesterday in Golden Valley North Dakota at the Schriefer Red Angus cattle operation. Golden Valley is just Southwest of Minot, Northwest of Bismarck. The photos were posted to the Schriefer Red Angus Facebook page, and I can't help but applaud their efforts during this difficult time.

They Are In The Trenches

Blizzard conditions are causing many problems for ranchers and farmers

I also reached out to Chris Goehring, from Cross C Cattle, LLC; he says the biggest issue is keeping the live calves dry, out of the wind and from wandering off.

"In this type of event, you have to focus on every animal. So, in a sense, it's like rebirthing the already existing calves," said Goehring.

Goehring said there are still more issues to come.

"Following the storm come the challenges of sickness, which can continue for multiple weeks. Pneumonia and scours are likely to show up. Once we start to see drier conditions, we plan to do what we call a mass treatment of antibiotics to every calf to prevent any further setbacks on the animals," said Goehring.

Here are some pictures he took at Cross Cattle:

Cross Cattle LLC Shared Photos & Comments On The Issue

North Dakota Ranchers Struggle with cattle loss

Goehring said, "Margins are already extremely tight, and now we are facing death loss and extra expenses to pull through it."

How Do They Prepare?

Goehring told me that to prepare for this type of storm, you need to provide as much wind protection and shelter for the animals as possible. The other big issue is bedding.

"The challenge with this much snow, is keeping dry bedding down. It's pretty much covered by the time you finish getting it all down," said Goehring.

The Bright Side:

While this storm has presented many challenges for our local farmers and ranchers, we have to give thanks for the moisture the storm brings. It's been very dry in North Dakota for quite some time.

What Can We Do To Help?

Well, there isn't much we can do to help physically, especially with businesses and roads closed, but you can remember to support your local farmers and ranchers by buying more local, home-grown beef.

So, keep in mind, while we're at home, watching our Netflix, safe and warm in our beds, our local ranchers are out in the fields taking the brunt of this blizzard storm. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them! #Respect



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