Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes all designed to perform a variety of tasks.  For simplification purposes and ease of reading I'll be lumping them all in one convenient term- drones.

Drones apparently can be used for much more than just providing a cool looking aerial shot of your business for TV commercials.  Drones can deliver you beer while you're out on the King's Walk Golf Course in Grand Forks. Seems unlikely? Watch a short video clip here.  I'm gonna miss the "beer girl".  Golfers know what I mean.

Well, just when you think the full potential of the drone has now been reached at hole #7, Grand Forks and the Flytrex company just keep pushing drones to even greater "heights".  Introducing the launch of an American drone delivery service.

In collaboration with drone-as-a-service company EASE Drones, the Grand Forks Region Economic Development Corporation, the Northern Plans Unmanned Aerial System Test Site, and the City of Grand Forks, the startup will deliver food, medicine, and other goods from restaurant and retailer partners to select households via drone.

Why is Grand Forks the launching pad for the worlds next technological revolution?

UND. That's why.

Search for UND Student Continues
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The University of North Dakota was the first to offer a UAS degree back in 2009, the program continues to soar.

Consider this-

  • ONLY dedicated UAS education center on a university campus
  • 1st Operational UAS Integration Test Site
  • 1st UAS Post-Secondary Training Programs
  • 1st Night flight approval for law enforcement
  • 1st Beyond visual line of sight authorization

Seems they've been making drone delivery available throughout the pandemic.  If you didn't click the link to follow the story hit this now. Pretty darn interesting.

Plus below are photos drones can take when not out delivering beers.

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