With the University of North Dakota starting their final round of voting in the ongoing saga that is picking a new nickname for the university, some eligible voters are so sick of the entire process, they are selling their votes online.

If you look through Craigslist, you see multiple ads offering to sell their vote to anyone willing to pay.  Some are going for as low as $0.25. The highest asking price comes from Schurkey Swanke,  who is asking $200 for his vote.

Swanke, speaking of the entire process:

UND is not an institution of hockey, and UND is not an institution of football. I enjoy hockey, but if there were any money savings that could be devoted to education, I’d cancel the hockey program in a heartbeat. It's a diversion from the real core of what UND was supposed to do.

UND Spokesman Peter Johnson released a statement about the vote selling:

We are glad they recognize their opportunity to vote is valuable, but we're disappointed they would try to benefit from that opportunity

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