A Hubble Space Exhibit is opening at the Heritage Center on Sept. 30.

The exhibit which is free and will be in place until June of 2018, gives you an up close look at how the Hubble Telescope works and a glimpse into the journey it has taken in the many years since it has been launched.

There are also many interactive exhibits which children and adults alike will enjoy.

There is a kickoff event on Sept 29 at 7pm, which is also free, that will feature a representative of NASA giving a talk about the history of Hubble. Tang and Moonpies will also be served at the kickoff event.

You can learn more about what the Hubble exhibit is about by listening to the interview above with Kim Jondahl of the ND State Historical Society. Some of the photos featured in the video, along with additional photos can be viewed in the photo gallery below.

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