There are a lot of really cool, interesting structures located all throughout North Dakota. Which building is the coolest?

The question is incredibly subjective and there are a lot of different factors that can make a building 'cool.' The way a building looks may make it cool. The location of a building can make it cool. The historical significance of a building can make it cool.

And of course, the air conditioning in a building can make it cool... but that's not what we're talking about here.

The website, took on the difficult task of naming the coolest building in each state and each building may be cool due to one or more of the aforementioned reasons among many others.

According to TechInsider's list, the coolest building in North Dakota is the Heritage Center in Bismarck.

From TechInsider:

At the center of Bismarck's North Dakota Heritage Center is a great glass cube flanked by two copper-color wings. It's the home of the state's greatest treasures — including lots of dinosaur fossils.

Fair enough. What do you think is the coolest building in North Dakota?


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