Imagine your favorite television show - up close ( extra close ) and in person

Like most people I know, I watched a lot of television in my early years and had my share of favorites that I would make sure I wouldn't miss an episode ( this was back before VHS took over and you could actually tape a show ) - for me, the programs that were the most fascinating to watch was filmed in front of a live audience - Saturday Night Live was one of them, Pretty amazing when I think of just how long this show has been around ( since 1975 ). I'm so jealous of this, just recently a Fargo family WON an SNL essay lottery contest and the prize was tickets to the recent October 29th taping of Saturday Night Live.

A lifelong fan of the show, his daughter is responsible for his dream

This is a great story, according to after trying what seemed like a lifetime to score tickets to his favorite show, Troy Becker from Fargo couldn't believe it when his 16-year-old daughter Nora attempted her first shot at the SNL essay lottery and SHE became the Becker's ticket to New York! “Dad, I won tickets to 'Saturday Night Live',” my daughter Nora exclaimed as she shook with elation. This was also a complete shock to me" The next step was the easy part, getting on a plane and flying out there. The Becker family used their North Dakota charm on real New Yorkers ( with thick east coast accents ) - The studio was surprisingly small, but well-kept, with an abundance of raw energy and excitement as the taping began. This was a thrill of a lifetime for Troy, and he owes it all to his daughter.


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