Terrible news about an hour ago ( 10/23/18 2:34ct). 

A home at 223 Boeing avenue went up in flames about an hour ago due to an electrical fire. Luckily both parents and 3 little boys got out safe. It's sad to see these types of things happen because sometimes the families involved aren't so lucky.

They though are lucky to be alive, but now have no home for the near future. Judging by the response on social media though it seems like the neighbors are pooling together to help this family.

No one ever knows if a tragedy like this could happen to them or if it did, would you have the support of your neighbors.  The only way to know for sure is to help someone in need yourself. If you would like to donate to this GO FUND ME cause to help this poor family get housing back click here.

It'd be great to see this family get back on their feet. 



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