It's always good to be aware when you get into an Uber at 2 am. While Covering the Vikings/ Cardinals game a couple of weeks back, I found myself in a weird situation after the game. Here's what happened.

Leaving ____ Bar, I did the responsible thing and called an Uber. When the Uber showed up 5 minutes later, I didn't think anything of the driver asking if he can make a pit stop on the way. 

I dozed off. When I woke up, I was in the parking lot of a gas station, it was a half hour later and luckily I had my wallet on me. The guy comes back with his snacks and his drink from the gas store. I thought it was weird but again being from the east coast, didn't seem like anything out of the ordinary as far as the uber trip. 

I dozed off again and was awakened by the driver who said I was here. I got out of the car and as he drove away, I realized I was at a hotel completely on the opposite side of town. I spoke to the concierge who called another Uber which took about an hour to come because they didn't know where this hotel was. The next Uber came, and later I felt a little remorseful about how I treated that guy given the circumstances. I literally had to navigate verbally to him directions to my hotel ( I thought these guys had GPS).  After finally getting to my hotel, I wondered if that 2nd guy was even an Uber driver or just some guy looking to get a quick cash fare in his car. There was no Uber emblem on his car come to think of it. So glad I wasn't robbed. 

While I've taken Uber's all over the country, I've never had an experience like this happen to me ever. I was told by other people that they have had a similar experience in the Twin Cities, so maybe it's a thing there. Anyway, it's good to be more alert than I was when getting into an Uber. 

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