Kiara Harper graduated from Bismarck High School in 2017. 

She was a four-year performer for the well-renowned Bismarck Demonette dance team.  That team went on to win state, regional, and dance at nationals.  Kiara told me on the radio today that being a Bismarck Demonette help shape her who she's become today.  She's now a Minnesota Vikings cheerleader.  Not many from Bismarck have made it to the NFL over the years, and Kiara is the latest to do so.

Kiara Harper

Last Sunday, September 26th Kiara stepped on the field at US Bank Stadium for the first time cheering during a regular-season game.  It was also the first time fans were back in the stands in almost a year.  Kiara said the atmosphere was so crazy, and so much fun.  It was everything she had hoped for in her first NFL experience.

Kiara Harper

Kiara had a large contingency of Bismarck people who made their way down to Minneapolis to cheer HER on.  She was able to do some meet and greets, and Kiara told me, "It was so nice to see some familiar faces."

Kiara Harper via Holly Overson Facebook

I asked her about her former college NDSU, where she just graduated with a major in Exercise Science and a minor in Psychology.  Kiara was also a part of the Bison dance team.  She's anticipating an NDSU victory over UND this Saturday.

I asked Kiara where she hopes this whole experience will lead her in life?

She told me she hopes to have dance always be a part of her life.  She would really like to combine her dance and her degree in Exercise Science somehow someday.  Something tells me that won't be a problem for this very talented Bismarck Demonette.  Kiara gave me a "Skol" and we said goodbye.

Kiara Harper

You can catch the full interview today at 5:40 pm on US 103-3!  



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