Court papers have accused a former North Dakota Highway Patrol Sgt of sex assault

What defines assault? Too many variables and situations to even get into. When you break it down to 'sexual assault" then it opens up a new widespread area. Think about an assault as someone reaching out and grabbing you, or slapping you from behind ( like what happened in a bar just recently here in Bismarck ) A woman was feeling her oats so to speak, and reached out and spanked a Burleigh County Sheriff's rear end, the end result was that she was arrested and charged with simple assault.

Sexual assault is a forward advancement of an unwanted attempt from a man or woman to touch you physically in a sexual manner

To define that even more, it can also be labeled as even more violent, when a suspect incorporates force of any kind. According to "Court papers accuse former North Dakota Highway Patrol Sgt. Travis Skar of sex assault. The 40-year-old former trooper is accused of sexually assaulting a woman under the water of a hot tub at a home two years ago. Skar was seen by witnesses at the scene that the woman tried to distance herself, and that he got up and moved to the other side of her. She then reportedly got up and left. Things got even uglier back in November of last year. reported that "...charges were filed against Skar's commander, Lt. Steven Johnson. They were both based in the Bismarck office until their firings last year" Both Skar and Johnson if convicted are looking at spending at least a year in jail.

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