Some places are offering discounts and free food to ease the pain of Tax Day according to Thrillist. Be sure to check with the establishment first.

  • Pizza Ranch is offering double points today.
  • Arbys is handing out free fries, no purchase nessacary.
  • McDonalds - burger-and-fries deals vary by location, but most are doing buy-one-get-one deals Big Macs and Quarter Pounders priced at 1 cent, 15 cents, or 25 cents for the second burger.
  • Cinnebon- this is awesome, some bakery locations are offering not one but two free Cinnebon bites. YUMMY!
  • Schlotzsky’s- offering a free The Original, with the purchase of chips and a medium drink.

Just a little something to help ease the pain of tax day. And if you can not get the deed done by midnight, you can always file for an extension.

Be sure to check with the establishment before hand!

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