This is an ongoing thing that people here in Bismarck and Mandan STILL forget. You will sadly come to a quick reminder that the River Road is closed after you come across the "River Road Closed" sign - see how that works?

Construction began months ago

We have all learned to try and adapt to the construction going on around BisMan.The obvious time to do any road repair work is during the summer. So back in July KFYR TV reported "Portions of a mile long plus stretch of River Road in Bismarck will be closed this summer for repairs". I remember myself getting caught in the delay when I was on my way to play some golf at Hawktree, and I just assumed the road was wide open.

Looking on Facebook today, people are still writing in asking how much longer will parts of River Road be closed?

When construction first began, Bismarck city engineer Gabe Schell was asked how long it would be for all the roads to be free again, his reply was that he anticipated around 35 days. If you completely forgot about it and hummed along right up to where you couldn't go any further, you are not alone.

"Can you show a little leg to the captain and delay the launch for about 5 minutes?"

Last Wednesday we had a company gathering all set - we (Bismarck Townsquare Media) were going to set sail aboard the Lewis & Clark Riverboat. Well 99% of us were there on time, Scott McGowan from Cool 98.7 and his girlfriend were one of the many who forgot about certain parts of the River Road is closed, so as they made their u-turn to quickly find an alternative route to Keel Boat Park, he made a very strategic move. He got a hold of our sales manager and point-blank asked her "Can you show a little leg to the captain and delay the launch for about 5 minutes?"

Not necessary!

Our manager kept her dignity, and Scott got there with just a couple of minutes to spare as we shoved off on time. So just a friendly reminder to you about River Road!


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