The mysterious light from high above ( not too high )

I was driving by the Dakota Zoo the other day with a friend of mine, we were heading out to get something to eat when we both clearly saw someone run a yellow-into-red light. The first thing my friend said was "Well that person is out of luck, they just got captured on camera" Camera where?

The pretty blue light that goes on and off

The intersection I am talking about is right there on the corner of West Bismarck Expressway and South Washington street. You may have noticed for yourself the little blue light situated just under the standard Red-Yellow-Green lights. There is a technical name for the glowing blue bulb, it is Omni Directional Law Enforcement Confirmation Lights according to KFYR TV. They are nothing new in town either.

So is this part of a camera then?

Here is where most people are fooled like my friend was. so many may try and sneak through a yellow light hoping they don't get detected by the "so-called camera", well you can breathe a little easier because in North Dakota we have no state laws or anything set up involving speed cameras.

Actually, this blue light can help you, and not just be a tool for an officer to pull you over

I was curious about this, so I was able to get a Bismarck police officer on the phone. He told me that "The blue light is visible from all directions. It turns ON when that light is RED. So it's basically telling everyone WHO has the red light"  Check out the example down below:


It is for your safety and for a police officer to see from a semi-far away who is running a red light.

Once again, the blue light is NOT a camera

So quit combing your hair, or putting on extra make-up.

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