Well, here's a controversial subject.  Who has the best fries and gravy in Bismarck?

It was brought to my attention by a fellow co-worker who doesn't share my love for the tasty spud treat.  I"m crying umbrage.  Growing up in Grand Forks, North Dakota, I'm pretty sure all newborn infants are introduced to fries and gravy even before their mother's milk.

I'm not lying and newborn kids are born with skates on coming out of the womb in Grand Forks too (that might be an exaggeration).

Why are fries and gravy so popular on the eastern side of the state? 

Probably because it's a Canadian thing and Grand Forks especially is very heavily influenced by the hoards of Manitobans who cross the border each weekend to shop at our malls and raid our outlet stores.

It's super common to find a group of Canadians at the local truck stop after a night of drinking at the bar gorging on a plate of fries and dunking them in a side of gravy.  Some people even get a little crazy and pour the gravy directly over the top of the fries.  I'm not a fan of that because the fries tend to get soggy.

Canadians even have their own word for fries and gravy "Poutine".

Apparently, it's a Quebec thing.  According to the Canadians I've talked to, it started in Quebec and worked its way across their country and eventually into America.

So, I ask you, who has the BEST fries and gravy in Bismarck?

I'm sure there are other places that serve them, but I think most Bismarck Mandan folks would agree these are the top 2 spots.  Cast your vote now and let's decide this once and for all.

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