Over 500 boats and thousands of people attended the (MAGA) Make America Great Again boat parade on Saturday, August 22nd at 12 noon.  Boats were lined up as far as the eye see, starting at the Fox Island boat ramp.  Crowds were cheering, horns were honking on boats and pontoons, as the thousands came out in support of President Donald Trump.  As were getting closer to the election, both parties say virtual gatherings or outdoor parades like this will be used as rallies according to an article on KX News.

The event started off by Luke Bryan singing National Anthem, which was played on US 103-3.  Then the boats were off, as they traveled north on the might Missouri until they hit the 94 bridge were the parade ended.  As reported by yours truly last week, boat parades like this have been going on for weeks now.  In Delaware, Chicago, Clearwater, Florida (where they tried to break a world record) and South Carolina.  Due to coronavirus, President Trump has been unable to hold his popular large rallies.  These boat parades have been filling the void.

The highlight of the event for many,  Onlookers held up a MASSIVE American flag on the Memorial Bridge, as they watched the boat pass below.  There was a handful of protesters at the Memorial Bridge holding up signs about police brutality.  No major incidents happened because of the demonstration, but they did verbally clash with Trump supporters as they walked by Memorial Bridge.  Here are some pictures from the event.

Trump Boat Parade

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