John Lennon's classic Imagine LP is getting the complete tribute treatment courtesy of electronic pop duo GEMS, who will release a limited-edition cover of the album later this month.

GEMS' Imagine cover, due out March 30, marks the group's first full-length release since 2015's Kill the One You Love, and will only be available in a limited run of 1,000 copies — all set to be distributed via the Sounds Delicious vinyl subscription service run by Turntable Kitchen.

That service, which offers rare releases with an evident focus on covers of well-known recordings, costs $25 a month; as of this writing, new subscriptions still begin with the GEMS release.

Saying they "feel honored that we had the chance to record our own interpretations of these courageous, albeit conflicted songs," the members of GEMS offered their personal perspective on the original recordings via press release. "In some ways Lennon’s vision seems impossibly naive today. But don’t we need something to strive for? We need connection, we need communication, forgiveness and healing," they added. "Even if it’s just in our own small, personal way."

The release's short run and subscription delivery method mean many fans may not get a chance to hear GEMS' take on Imagine right away, but Turntable Kitchen's offering a sneak peek for anyone who's on the fence about signing up or is just curious enough to catch a glimpse of the album. To hear the duo's cover of the album's title track, you can check it out above.



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