Gene Simmons took a backwards tumble on stage in Montana over the weekend. After a quick helping hand, he was good to go.

KISS was performing their hit song Rock and Roll All Night when Simmons fell backwards. Simmons was strumming his guitar and appears to have hit a slightly elevated stage behind him which caused the fall.

Screenshot via YouTube
Screenshot via YouTube

The 66 year old Simmons quickly leaned forward seemingly perplexed at what happened. A member of the stage crew sprinted out to help him get up and then Gene Simmons, whose real name is Chaim Witz, continued on like nothing happened.

KISS will perform at the North Dakota State Fair on July 30. Gene Simmons and the rest of the crew will be ready to go barring any further incidents. KISS has six more shows across Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and Wyoming before their performance in Minot. Let's hope Simmons and the rest of the band stay on their feet.

Check out the video of the Montana incident below.


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