It's time to change our clocks. Yep, Daylight Savings Time is happening this weekend. Get ready to set your clocks back an hour and for your equilibrium to slightly shift.

Obligatory existential remark: What even is time, though?

Did you know that 70 countries observe daylight savings time? This, according to USA Today. -- Because we love fun facts.

Things To Remember:

1. Most of us have smart devices that do this automatically, but if you're a purist of sorts and you have an old, manual alarm clock, you need to set that puppy back. I can just hear the buttons clicking now.

2. If you haven't checked the batteries in your smoke detector in a while, better knock that out while you're at it. Pro Tip: Take the time to grab the stool. Don't use the rolly chair. Remember what happened last time. Love, mom.

3. If you can't figure out how to change the time on your microwave and have accepted that it will forever be wrong for half of the year, we are spirit animals. You're not alone. Honestly, figuring out how to get microwaves (and car stereos) set is like trying to understand quantum physics. You look at it for a second, then realize it is waaaaay beyond your mental abilities and patience. You move on.

When Is It?

Oh yeah, the important thing. You will need to set your clocks back this weekend, November 6th at 2 AM.

Welp, that's it. There's your friendly reminder. Hope it helps. TTFN!

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