Colleges and Universities are institutions of continued learning. Which means in many cases, you've simply opted to "continue learning" because you enjoy it.  Which must be my case. I double majored in history and sociology with a philosophy concentration. Disciplines that made me a  well rounded individual but never really applied for squat when it came to job applications,  Yes, I can now say I am a college graduate, which is a real plus on a resume.  Lots of time you're just paying for a piece of paper.

Bismarck State College is taking some real initiative with a variety of vocational courses that equip students with the specific skill sets needed to succeed in a specific field.  Earlier this year, I wrote about the Line Worker/Electrical program being offered at BSC.  It doesn't get more specific than taking a class on climbing telephone poles.  I just ran across a great piece put together by KFYR TVs Hallie Brown that put the spotlight on BSC's new course studies on getting your Commercial Drivers License (CDL).

The CDL program is just 120 hours over 3 weeks and you'll learn in small classes that are limited to 4 students, and it's offered in the Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters.Learn everything you need to know through these two links- Course Description and Workforce. 

On a personal note, I would only be a truck driver if it was part of my prison work release program.  Sure, if it was all just driving down I-94 and making the occasional lane change.  But no- it's driving one of those huge double trailer trucks in December in downtown Detroit! Don't even get me started on climbing telephone poles in December.

Y'all is crazy.

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