So now we have office parties and Secret Santas to worry about. Don't worry,  here are some universal gifts that require no thought to get.  

Decision Paperweight

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Wheel of Choices

Let this clever device ease the burden of having to make so many decisions in your life. Balancing all the pros and cons of every call can be tiresome, and we never know all the possible pros and cons anyway, so why not give someone else the responsibility of deciding? Spin this gorgeous aluminum paperweight to have your questions answered - or should you "sit on it" for a bit first, or "pass the buck" to someone else? Made in China

Talk about an icebreaker! This item gives you a reason to answer that annoying guy in the cubicle next to you's random questions.

Gnome-Be-Gone Decision Maker

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Take Decisions For A Ride

Stop spinning your wheels! Let Fred Conlon's gremlins do it for you with a push of this revolving wheel featuring eight executive decisions like "Have A Meeting," "Take Personal Day," and "Form Focus Group." Handmade in Utah of recycled steel.

I guess we have issues making decisions. I get it. Using this at home prior to going to work can be useful since it has personal days on it.

I Have This Friend Party Game

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Friendly Competition

Ever get suspicious when someone starts a story with "I have this friend who…"? This nsfw party game helps you get better acquainted with your fellow players through a series of personal questions about their "friends." Playing is easy: Pass the cards around the room and take turns reading the statements printed on them out loud. Each card starts with "I have this friend who…" and concludes with a blush-worthy scenario, like, "has sent an embarrassing text or email to the wrong person." Players who've done the deed get a point (or take a drink, if you're playing the drinking game version.)

The deck contains 200 prompts, from the relatable "can't parallel park to save their life" to the uncomfortable "has run out of toilet paper and had to get creative" to statements about dating, sex, and even illicit activities. Use it to add a bit of bawdy fun to your next game night, or give it to an actual, definitely-not-hypothetical friend. Made in Poland.

This would be a great game after that office christmas party. I would check phones at the door. The Human resource lady would get a kick out of this gift.

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