With temperatures projected to remain the the mid to upper 40s through mid-December, the good folks at Riverwood Golf Course in Bismarck have decided to keep the driving range open until Mother Nature tells us to come in for supper.  I'll go out and hit a bucket because the driving range is the one and only place that I can't hit it into the Riverwood trees. I'll try but I really can't hit it that far. The driving range will be open daily from 11:30-5:00 as long as weather permits.

It takes me back to a Sunday afternoon in February some 30 years ago when me and my buddy Mike went up to the Minot Air Force Base golf course to go play a round on their indoor golf simulator.  We were about to get started when a guy walked by the window and over to the first tee. We asked the dude behind the desk if the course was open, and it was!  This is on February 5th on the high plains of North Dakota! We went out and played 9 in our shirt sleeves.  There's was no snow on the ground, but there was a herd of bright white jackrabbits running across the course with no place to hide. Truly a memorable day of outside fun in February.

So grab your clubs and get to the driving range because although we are off to a great start to the winter season, odds are I won't be able to hit it into the trees come February.  Of course you can practice your swing year round at the Fore Seasons Center or as every one calls it the "golf dome".

I also noticed you can go walk indoors at the dome for free weekdays from 9 AM-10 AM if grandma's tired of walking the mall.

Good golfing everybody!

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