Being in the COVID capital city, I feel that it's necessary for someone else to jump up and claim the crown.

Grant County, probably is not going to do that- but, the challenge to Cass County is still out there, if they want the title bad enough.

Enough about us- Grant County we're talking about you. The Grant County Fair is coming up August 13-15 with all the 4-H details here.  In conjunction with the Fair, will be the Rock n Rods Car Show.  More on their Facebook page right here.

So before we all come running into Grant County, lets make sure we test y'all first!

So, if it's OK with you Grant County, there's a testing event in Carson on Monday August 3rd..  It's only 2 hours but hopefully they can get ya through from 10am-12pm

That pic is courtesy of Custer Health.

So that's the good news for Grant County, the more ya test the more ya know.

The bad news- Lake Tschida is chock full of the gunk. Step into that story here. Watch your pets around the slimy stuff- here's a previous article I did about blue-green goo here.  So a great recreational area and home of the "glory hole" is having some issues this summer.  Hope ya feel better soon- it's a super fun lake.

So there ya go- unless Carson bans Burleigh/Morton counties from coming into their county, Rods 'N Rock could be a nice little day trip. Unless of course Grant tests off the charts.

#Take the crown.

Stay well all.

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