Fiscal Times used the methodology from to determine the toughest college to enter in every state.

Drew Angerer / Getty Images
Drew Angerer / Getty Images

The most popular college in each state isn't necessarily the most difficult college to enter, and with a new the freshman semester starting in a few months, I thought this would be a good topic to research. The team at used the SAT and ACT scores from each state and district to come up with the list of the most difficult college to enter in every state.

In North Dakota, which college do you think is the toughest to enter? NDU or NDSU? That would be incorrect.

From a story we published last year, we know it's not Bismarck State College as they have nearly a 100% acceptance rate.

The most difficult college in North Dakota to enter is The University of Jamestown with a acceptance rate of 64.4% with a composite score of (25% of student body)1066-SAT and 25-ACT.

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