There's not too many things that push my buttons.

Ask anyone.

But when people want to pick and choose among religious scriptures and pick out the stuff they like and discard the rest...

I declare heresy y'all.

Going to the Old Testament to procure only The Ten Commandments into your lexicon is a bit of an offense to the rest of the Old Testament.

Kind of like liking the preamble of the Constitution, being OK with the Bill of Rights, and denying the Constitution.

Are you fine with the 10 Commandments being a selective part of the Old Testament that schools are willing to champion?

Was there a Sodom and Gomorrah, Noah and the Ark, Isaac,the son of Abraham and the grandfather of the twelve tribes of Israel? You might have heard some of the rest.

I'm from the Charlton Heston Hollywood School of Ten Commandments. He turns rivers into blood, defeats pharaoh, and expedites the Israelites. There's trouble with Egyptians, and a subsequent splitting (and tragically unsplitting) of the Red Sea.

There's Passover going on in our world right now....check the calendar.

Have you never seen The Ten Commandments movie? I saw it 10 years in a row growing up. Always about this same time of year. So unless you are putting lambs blood over your door to save your first born sons, you may not know why (in the movie) that Moses went up to meet with a burning bush (God) who then burned on to the very tablets THE TEN COMMANDMENTS.

Thus shared with Christians to be placed on the walls of schools everywhere.

But which version?

If you're truly supportive should click the links and read on.

So here's a Hebrew version

Here's a  quick break for perspective..


The Numbering of the Ten CommandmentsA brief explanation from Neil MacQueen, Sunday Software,
about why the Commandments are numbered differently by different Christian traditions.

Sunday Software's Ten Commandments CD uses the familiar "Protestant-Orthodox-Reformed method" of numbering the Ten Commandments.Many of our customers were surprised to learn that there ARE two different Christian traditions for numbering the commandments! Usually, our Lutheran customers never knew they were different from their other Reformed brothers and sisters, ...until they use our Ten Commandments CD with their kids (Many never notice, too.)The "Protestant-Orthodox-Reformed" numbering tradition separates "you shall have no other gods..." and "you shall not make any graven images" into TWO separate commandments (1 and 2). And it combines the "do not covet neighbor's wife" with "do not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor" into one commandment (the 10th).The Roman Catholic Church and most Lutheran churches, following Saint Augustine, do the exact opposite. They combine "no other gods" with "no graven images" into the first commandment, and split "covet wife" and "covet neighbors..." into two commandments.

Back from the break...

So a Catechism Ten Commandments.

Or a Catholic Ten Commandments.

Thou shalt not covet thy nurturing places.  That's mine.

We don't all have to believe the same.

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