Heavy is the head that wears the crown.

Shakespeare originally wrote it as "uneasy is the head that wears the crown".  For North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, either applies.  Important and often controversial legislation is making it's way on to the governors desk.  What's a Doug to do?  Governor Burgum was elected as a republican in an overwhelmingly republican state.  We might only have seven or so democrats that even hold a legislative office across the whole darn state.  So why wouldn't Governor Burgum just grab that torch and lead that legislation into law?  Well, his critics would say it because the governor is a RINO.  An acronym for Republican In Name Only.   As if republicans all go by one name.  You can have the same party affiliation and still have profound differences.

Just ask the Bastiat caucus.  I'm sorry, who?  Let's let The Minuteman Blog break it down a bit. They're just like-minded members of a larger political party.  My point is that there's probably many North Dakota republicans that are like-minded with Doug's point of view.

Except maybe on that darn mask mandate. A mandate that has now found it's way back to Doug's desk.  Let's take a glance at some of the contentious pieces of legislation that are waiting for the Governor's attention.

Yes the bill to Ban Mask Mandating is now dependent upon a Do Pass from Governor Mandate. What's A Doug To Do?

How about legislation to shield teachers and schools from Federal punishment for displaying the Ten Commandments?  The Governor's clever enough to know this is just us having to spend $$$ to lose an eventual court case. But the ND House passed it easily 76-16 and now it's on his desk to OK.  What's A Doug To Do?

For a Governor who pledged to curb runaway spending, here comes another record setting budget proposal. Will Burgum just jump on board?  What's A Doug To Do?

Only a couple more left...

Planned Parenthood.  Two words to avoid when having a conversation with ANYONE! So NDSU is funneling some cash to the organization, and this bill intends to but an end to that right quickly. So will a former Bison cheerleader, now lead the cheer against them?  Seriously What's A Doug To Do?

Last one...

Transgender Sports Bill!   Is it a study? Is it policy?  If there's an official ban of some sort, what will be the economic impact on the state? I know there's social issues involved, but let's follow the money and it makes it to his desk, What's a Doug To Do?

So there's 5 veto or not veto issues.  Maybe start an office pool to see who can predict the most things the Governor does do.

I'll give you a freebie- Doug just signed the bill making Juneteenth a state holiday.


But, it get's a little trickier from here.

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