Valentine Gifts, we are here to help you out "Last Minute". Finding that perfect gift is always a priority for many. But what about those people that have everything? Or maybe that person just has so much stuff, and running out of room for more stuff? Often that is more the case. We encourage finding those gifts that might be considered, "Clutter Free". What does that mean? We are talking about gifts that create a memory or something one can look forward to in the future. Here are some of our top picks just to get your wheels turning before you start writing on sticky notes, "I Love You" or "Good for one  ____".

  • Concert Tickets: A pair of tickets to an upcoming concert for example Gary Allan at Prairie Knights coming up in March. Maybe gift a weekend to see P!nk or Shania Twain in Fargo later in the year.
  • Movie Tickets: The thrill of watching the latest blockbuster on the big screen regardless the age is a timeless activity that all can appreciate. Often we've gotten used to binge-watching from the comforts of home, but going "to a movie" is a nostalgic activity so actually plan the said night. Bismarck Grand Theatre
  • Escape Room: A mixture of clues, scavenger hunt plus everyone's best sleuth skills put to the test makes for a fun activity, grab another couple even. Bismarck only has one escape room, buy tickets or a gift certificate here.
  • Brunch - Plan an upcoming fun Saturday Brunch at Jack's Steakhouse.
  • Cooking Class in the near future.
  • Dance Class - checkout Bismarck State College's "Enrichment Classes."
  • Monthly Subscriptions: Wine Club, Whiskey Club, Cheese of the Month, etc.
  • Massage or Spa Service - ALWAYS a winner.

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