Planning to have a new addition to your family? Yes, the excitement of a new baby coming to the family. Now, reality sets it. It's expensive to raise a child in today's economy.

According to USA Today, it will cost you nearly $233,610 and that does not include college to raise one child.  This figure is from the United States Department of Agriculture.

Let that thought roll around in that head of yours for a moment. Let's put it like this, that is just about a quarter of a million dollars, to raise one child. The more the merrier? Multiply that by 2, if you're lucky enough to have twins. BOOM!

And if your little genius wants to go to college, cost of a college education have rose more than 3% in 2017 and if your little bundle of joy, wants to attend a private college, that's about $47,000 annually.

Plus you have to feed the precious bundle, the average costs to feed a teen-ager is about $2700 a year.

The USDA has a calculator you can use to estimate the cost of raising a child.

Sort of makes you think about it, never the less, children add an amount of happiness, some people can not put a price tag on.




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