Red may be the color of love, but you can bet the green will be flying this Valentine’s Day.

According to a new survey, the average person will spend $142.31 on Valentine’s Day this year, coughing up the cash on candy, flowers and more. That’s a jump from the $133.91 those lovestruck fools spent in 2014. All told, we’ll spend $18.9 billion. Yes, billion, with a B.

What We’re Buying

A total of 53% will buy candy, 38% will purchase flowers, 35% will splurge on a special night out with their sweetie and 21% will make a real statement by buying jewelry.

How Much We’re Buying

People will certainly dole out the cash for their special someones. Ninety-one percent will spend an average of $87.94 on their significant others. That’s a jump from $78.09 last year.

For Whom We’re Buying

It’s not just the love of our lives we’re opening our wallets for this Valentine’s Day. Nearly 59% will spend an average of $26.26 on other relatives and $6.30 on their kids’ classmates and teachers. And in proof that Valentine’s Day has gone to the dogs, 21% admit to getting their pets something, ponying up an average of $5.28 on these animals.

Who’s Spending What

Men will spend an average of $190.53, a far cry from the $96.58 women will. Lovebirds in the 25-34 age range will outspend everyone else by depleting an average of $213.04. So, clearly you can put a price on love.

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