We used Facebook to ask the simple question, "What is your favorite summer drink?" The replies ran the gamut.

With the long dog days of summer knocking on our door, we asked you what your favorite summer drink would be, alcoholic or non. Here's some of the responses we received.

Barbara Birkbeck and Brenda Reineke were the first to respond with ice cold tea.

Many folks said beer! Sonya Kay Wanner went into detail and said Miller Lite.

Some people went for the frozen alcoholic drinks. Tammy Seiler-Oster said a Strawberry, pineapple, orange, and banana daiquiri. Speaking of frozen, you know it's summer when Mo's opens up and Hailee Hopfauf agreed with the shaved ice from this seasonal business. Well worth the long wait in line!

Then you have those that enjoy sodas. Bernadette Dosch enjoys a Fanta orange soda on ice! Sarah Brooks would rather grab an ice cold Coca Cola and DeDra Bradley reaches for a Dr. Pepper.

Other replies included iced tea with lemon, sweet tea, ice coffee and clamdiggers.

Then you have Rachael Ruff keeping it simple with ice water.


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