Where in this country can you go to avoid stress? I'm guessing there is not a whole lot of places. Thanks to the coronavirus, the biggest culprit that came around this year, and is still haunting us. What exactly causes us to feel overwhelmed, swallowed up in pressure? Wallethub has put together a list of 2020's Most & Least Stressed Cities in America - Adam McCann, Financial Writer. Everyone has their own threshold of just how much stress they can deal with. The virus has almost 40% of Americans feeling tense. Not all stress can be detrimental, some say that it helps keep us on our toes. You can break it down a ton of ways - there are so many things to worry about - unemployed, job security, deadlines to meet, bills unpaid. We are all human, and we all have our "ups and downs".

Wallethub has tried to come up with a way to determine the cities that dodge stress the most - They took over 180 cities and weighed in how the pandemic has hit them - stats from divorce, suicide, and hours worked weekly all came into play when figuring out which towns cope the best. Some of Wallethub's finding's come as no surprise, for instance, big cities like New York, NY, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Boston were at the top of the 'Least Affordable Housing' category. See for yourself how we stack up out here in North Dakota. For more on this so-called study click here. Finally, let's all be grateful we don't live in Cleveland.


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