What are the important things to consider when it comes to starting a family?

I am sure it is exciting for people to make the decision to start a family. Of course, it is fun to think about things like pregnancy announcements, gender reveal parties, and nesting. But there are actually some bigger things to consider when it comes to starting a family.

WalletHub looked at "51 factors of family-friendliness" and ranked each state based on those findings.

According to WalletHubNorth Dakota is the ninth-best state to raise a family. Each state's ranking was determined by looking at "51 key indicators of family-friendliness." So, what are the deciding factors that put North Dakota in the "Top 10" on the list of friendliest states for families?

Here are some of WalletHub's findings:

  • 31 - Family Fun
  • 17 - Health and Safety
  • 3 - Education and Childcare
  • 15 - Overall Affordability
  • 3 - Affordable Housing
  • 4 - Lowest Percentage of Families in Poverty
  • 2 - Lowest Amount Separations and Divorces

As someone who was born and raised in North Dakota, I do think it is a good place for families in some ways. I mean, we are a fairly safe state and families here do tend to be pretty close-knit.  But I also think the state is lacking in places like culture, events, and things to do. We are very sheltered in North Dakota and it is easy for people to become so set in their ways here that they do not realize that there is more in the world beyond our state.

How do you feel about raising a family in North Dakota?

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