This will be one of the easiest stories I will ever write...

...Why? Because I have a chance to tell you about a rising star that I am privileged to work with here at our Mandan studios - Let me first say that we are located here on the strip at 4303 Memorial Hwy - the company we work for is Townsquare Media. So Bismarck's contribution to Townsquare Media is 5 radio stations - Hot 97.5, All-New 96.5 The Walleye, Cool 98.7, US 103.3, and Super Talk 1270. 

Each station airs a different format - Andi Ahne is on the air Monday thru Friday from 10:00 am-3:00 pm at  Hot 97.5, which plays contemporary hits, which also means Andi reaches a wide range of ages, from kids on the way to school, to their middle-aged parents in the car - the common thread is that they are being entertained by an upbeat, positive voice - one that they come to accept in their daily lives. That's how radio works, and Andi Ahne is a true pro, so much so that she is a "rising star in our company"

From as large of a city as Trenton, New Jersey, to other towns... can hear her excited, smooth voice across the country. On a given weekday, Andi has a syndicated show that can be heard on 25 radio stations across the Nation!  I am on ONE! That's it ( that's all that people can barely put up with ). It's pretty impressive when you think of what she has accomplished since she was hired back in March. She loves to interact with people on the phone, and that comes across on the radio. Her creativity doesn't just shine on the air, her writing skills are tremendous as well - part of our job is to put out two local stories every weekday on our websites and apps ( which get shared by all of our radio stations ).

I've been in radio since 1990, I have come across several talented personalities and have been lucky enough to witness their success, and Andi Ahne is just brilliant, no matter what she is doing. If you find yourself out and about one day, you may run across her at Kirkwood Mall doing a live remote ( broadcasting ) - you can't miss her! Some people are unaware of just everything we do here at work, and there is a lot, Andi represents Hot 97.5 perfectly, she is no doubt at the "Top Of Her Game"  - a Townsquare Media Superstar and we are damn lucky to have her.

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