A national story is unfolding every day literally right before our eyes, and here in Mandan. I talking about the Chad Isaak murder trial. He has been accused of taking the lives of four people on April 1, 2019. This is not your everyday local trial obviously, and since it has captured the attention around the country, it is being televised - live.

Court TV is HERE in Mandan

Court TV is like the ESPN of courtroom drama - years ago I watched the Menendez brothers murder trial, from start to finish. I became hooked to a "real-life day-to-day" soap opera - these two brothers were eventually found guilty of murdering their parents. In my opinion, this is a great way to chase away early temptations to declare the suspect guilty before a trial.

Innocent before proven guilty

This horrible day that took place right down the street from us has taken two years to come to trial - in that time frame, people have already made up their mind that Isaak is guilty. People forget that in our country, a suspect is innocent before proven guilty. I'm not sitting here at my desk with the sole purpose of giving you the facts of how our judicial system works, I do know however the full details and evidence are never exposed until the trial begins.

Being able to watch or listen live could change your very own opinion

Whether you were iron-clad certain Isaak was guilty OR innocent after his arrest, without his day/days in court - this ongoing trial that is available for us all to watch/listen to - with both the defense and prosecution lawyers battling it out, you just may change your own mind.



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