Bismarck and Mandan residents can relate to this ongoing story. We just finished with a trial that captured nationwide attention - The RJR murders, where four people were killed on April 1, 2019, here in Mandan. Two years later that horrible day produced a three-week trial - after Chad Isaak was found guilty, we still had one simple question? WHY?

4 Minnesotans were found dead in an SUV in Wisconsin Sunday afternoon

Imagine minding your own business and coming across four bodies slain - this was the scene last Sunday afternoon in Wisconsin. According to "Four Twin Cities residents found shot to death in an abandoned SUV in rural Dunn County, Wis."  That was from two days ago, today (September 16th) "...Investigators were reviewing bridge and highway cameras..."

Deaths in a lonely cornfield

All the families of the deceased know so far is that the victims had been at a bar last Saturday night in St. Paul, Minnesota. The biggest mystery is just how each of them could have wound up shot to death and left in an SUV in the tall fields in Wisconsin for a local farmer to discover them. The ages of the dead individuals were in their late 20s and early 30s - two men and two women.

So we know they were last seen alive in St. Paul,  then found dead in Wisconsin - WHY?

So far " preliminary indications that the homicides involved drugs or organized criminal activity". I can't even begin to imagine the horror of having a loved one tragically murdered in cold blood. The nightmares now have only started, and will last with them forever - the most disturbing part is what hits home to us here in Bismarck. What was the motive? We STILL have that same question from a horrendous day we will never forget. Let's hope the killer or killers is found and that they may provide a reason for the deaths - so the immediate families and relatives can get some closure.



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