11The rules of the road are often ignored, but there are some things that may be a little unclear. Since the Queen's funeral has been in the headlines lately, the question of whether or not you're required to pull over for a funeral procession has come up quite a bit.

Do You Have To Pull Over?

We know that we have to pull over to a complete stop for emergency vehicles, such as firetrucks, and police cars, but what about for funeral lines?

I was curious, so I looked up what exactly the law was in North Dakota. So, do you have to pull over for a funeral procession? -- No. You don't have to pull over and come to a stop like you do in other scenarios, but there are some laws you do have to obey.

What To Do According To North Dakota's State Law

"Right-of-Way" laws are in place across the country, and each state is a little different. According to cga.ct.gov, in North Dakota a law officer is to lead a funeral procession and can proceed through any intersection or traffic regardless of traffic lights or signs indicating otherwise. The only instance in which the funeral line must stop is if/when emergency vehicles need to get through.

What Should You Do If You're Not In The Procession?

Well, we know you don't have to stop, but you should as a kind gesture, or sign of respect. That said, the law states other vehicles on the road cannot pass, join, pass on a two-lane road, or cross the path of vehicles in the line.


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