Many CEOs make an extraordinary amount of money.  Rightfully so if you're riding the wave that YOU created. But like washed up sports coaches, sometimes they come in with a contract and produce nothing only, to rely on their contractual "golden parachute".   Lets look at Alan Lacy, CEO of the completely destroyed Kmart/Sears conflagration.

Those shares are worth about $11.7 million at current prices. Lacy also reaped an estimated $27 million when his options in the old Sears vested at the time of the merger, putting his take from the deal at around $51 million.

So, don't continue to drive two of America's retail GIANTS into the ground...and here's $50 million.

That was 2006, and that's not how it works today. Like you at your job, CEO's need to be creators and workers, to keep collecting a check.  It's a good theory right?

FIRST OFF, LET ME SAY THE COVER PHOTO IS NOT DAVE GOODIN, ND's TOP CEO. (FULL DISCLOSURE) He probably has some head shots but I couldn't find 'em

So let's take a peak at how North Dakota's top CEO is 2nd from the bottom nationwide! Sad, really.

From the Daily Mirror, starting at the top is

Alexander Karp outta Colorado at $1.1 billion a year with Palantir Tech!  Yay!

Number 2 is...Tony Xu (California) delivering $413 million a year from Door Dash! Whoop!

Number 49 is...North Dakota's Main CEO David L. Goodin, MDU Resources Group $6 million a year! Eww...

Number 50 Hawaii's top CEO Matthew J. Cox, Matson at $5.1 million!  sadness.

So there's the CEOs top to bottom across the let's quick switch to all Americans that are looking to just grab a minimum wage job...what will you be paid in each state?  Here we go...from minimum


 District of Columbia$15.00$5.00
 New Hampshire$7.25$3.26
 New Jersey$12.00$4.13
 New Mexico$10.50$2.55
 New York$12.50$8.35
 North Carolina$7.25$2.13
 North Dakota$7.25$4.86
 Puerto Rico$7.25$2.13
 Rhode Island$11.50$3.89
 South Carolina$7.25$2.13
 South Dakota$9.45$4.73
 West Virginia$8.75$2.62

So you can see why California is taking the high road pushing the $15 minimum wage- they're already at $14!  North Dakota at a minimum of $7.25 has a ways to go.  But goodness, you work a "tip" job in Wyoming for $2.13 an hour?  A ton of other states pay the same. Must be the very least you can pay a human being to actually be on a payroll. I would say "other than 13 year old babysitters", but I bet they make more...and they get to raid the fridge.

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