After an exhausting summer, let's say we make next summer a "feel good and feel good about yourself" kinda summer...

Andrea Travnicek, the Director of the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department says it best

"Research has shown that volunteering has many benefits, including reduced stress. It also provides an opportunity to connect with others and learn new skills. We're excited to offer expanded volunteer opportunities at a time when it's even more important for people to focus on their physical and mental health and can do so in a park environment, We hope many individuals will see the program as a chance to safely participate in an activity that not only benefits their personal well-being but the health and vibrancy of their community as well."

So this is ND Parks and Rec planting a seed for mutual success in the future.

Plus they could use the help. How would your group like to partner with nearby a nearby park? How about Cross Ranch State Park north of Mandan? Good exercise with what I presume to be plenty of branch removal and trail clearing. Does it make you feel better out working together with folks you like? Sure it does! Probably something your kids can be involved with.

I'm not sure if Cross Ranch wants you rooting around, or if Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park is looking for extra trash collectors, I guess that the best way is to start the conversation with your group and then start a conversation with the State Parks right here.

Heck it probably doesn't have to wait until next year.  Parks might need our help today.  Retired?  Don't forget that they always are looking for Campground Hosts too. Check it out..

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