It's certainly not a contest, but anytime there's a poll ranking states nationally; my first inclination is ALWAYS- "How did North Dakota stack up against South Dakota?" It's juvenile I know...but it's what I do (and you probably do it too). Next up, I check where Minnesota and Montana land in the survey. In sports, this is called "a border battle". This time around though, I'm rooting for our neighbors to move up in the survey- even you South Dakota!

Source: WalletHub

WalletHub has released a survey that lists North Dakota as having the Best Healthcare Infrastructure for coronavirus. Take a look at the results and the methodology by clicking here.

There's a 7 point difference between North Dakota at number one and West Virginia at number two.  That's a significant difference as there's not even a seven point difference between numbers 2 and 10. (Yes, I see you at #16 S.D.)

I strikes me that since North Dakota "scored" pretty heavily when it came to availability of hospital beds per capita- this should also translate into most likely high marks for availability of ICU beds and beds that could be committed exclusively for COVID-19 patients.  Capacity is one of the primary challenges for healthcare providers in hot spot areas and regions.

This year, Memorial Day Weekend wasn't just the "unofficial start of summer" it was the "unofficial start of a national jailbreak!".  Lot's of people it seems have varying definitions of what it is to "ease into" something.  How about you? Do you slowly ease your band-aids off? Or just give them a rip?

Either way, seems like North Dakota's got the capacity- hopefully we're not forced to find out.


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