It's all over your news feed, photos of kiddos looking fresh in their new school clothes holding up that sign. While adorable, those signs could actually be a safety risk for your family.

Why are back to school signs a safety risk for families?

The signs aren't the issue. In fact, they're adorable. And if you take a photo every school year, it's cool to see how things change over time with your kids. The problem is when parents post those photos online. Often times the signs showcase specific information such as the child's name, school, grade, and teacher. All pieces of information that predators and scammers can take advantage of.

How to Post Safe Back to School Photos of Your Child on Social Media

The good news is that you can still share those cute pics of your kids with all of your friends and family on the internet, you'll just need to make a few edits.

The Natrona County Sheriff's Office in Casper, WY posted a good tip for parents on their Facebook page. They recommended taking two versions of your photo. One with more detailed information that can be your keepsake to share with close friends and family. The other photo that you share on social media can just have the basics like first name, the school year and what they want to be when they grow up. Smart! As you can see from the photos in the post, both are great, but one is less personal.

Let's keep the cute photos coming, but also keep our kiddos safe.

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