Take a Walk Through Flintstones Bedrock City, Custer, South Dakota

I caught an episode of the Flintstones cartoon show on one of those old TV show channels, but I couldn't tell if it was a good show. I have too much nostalgia wrapped up in the adventures of Fred and the gang.

Growing up in the 1980s, watching The Flintstones was almost like breathing. You did it so much that you forgot it was happening. There must have been upwards of six hours of stone-age family content broadcast every day.

For the kids out there and the people whose parents were weird about TV, The Flintstones was an animated family sitcom set in the stone age. There were dinosaurs, everything was made of stone, and rock-based puns ruled the day.

The Flintstones' influence over my youth was compounded when my family took trips to the Black Hills of South Dakota. Along with a dip in hot springs and taking blurry pictures of prairie dog towns, we always made a stop at Bedrock City near Custer.

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