"I am the eyes and ears of this institution..."

How many of us remember that famous line from the movie The Breakfast Club  - Carl the janitor relayed that little bit of information to all of us on the big screen, I wondered to myself what the difference is between a school janitor and a custodian. I know from experience how valuable a custodian is  - my dad was an elementary school principal for over 30 years, I specifically remember in great detail just how much he depended on this person. There is a custodian here in Bismarck who is "The Heart And Soul" of Bismarck High School.

Bruce Brady is a textbook example of a perfect custodian

By the way, indeed.com says "The difference between janitor and custodian positions is that a custodian's job is more consistent and overarching than that of a janitor. While a janitor reports for shift work at a specific time to clean designated areas, a custodian’s job description entails the general upkeep of a property or facility"  Bruce Brady has been at Bismarck High for over 5 years, and the whole staff and the students are lucky to have him.

His positive attitude has brought him the wonderful privilege...

...of being named  Bismarck Schools Custodian of the Year. I love this, according to kfyrtv.com Brady absolutely "loves being around the kids. When I was first hired, I was told that this is my house - I take that whole heart and soul to make this a home, and make it welcoming, and safe for everybody that comes to it,” Nothing like having a rock-star custodian that loves his job - Congratulations Bruce!



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