I can almost guarantee you this - I'm not the only person who is wondering if Carson Wentz is nervous about this Sunday

Is this Bismarck's very own Carson Wentz's FIRST professional football game? No. So why would a possible "butterflies in a stomach" be an issue? Most of us are aware of his travels to the NFL. Carson graduated from Century High School and went on to star at North Dakota State - as the Bison continued to wrack up NCAA Division 1 Championships - drafted 2nd overall by the Philadelphia in 2016, the very next year ( while injured at week 14 ) he finds himself wearing a Super Bowl ring, as the Eagles beat New England 41-33.

Unfortunately in his career injuries have put a dent in his playing ability

After spending time with Philly, he was traded to the Indianapolis Colts in March of 2021 - then a foot injury sidelined him, and the next thing you know Indy sent him packing - off to the Washington Commanders one year later - 2022. From there he lasted only a season and was released on February 23rd, 2023. Here is when the long months of staying in shape mentally and physically are tested - waiting for another chance to play again - one more Sunday. We all know the National Football League is rugged - according to Statista.com  The average career length of an NFL player is 3.3 years" 

Some quarterbacks around the NFL were injured...

Good Luck Carson!!!!!


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