Kind-of-sort-of like clockwork

It is a tradition out here in North Dakota and more people than not absolutely HATE it. To say that anyone looks forward to it would be lying - well not really, for I am one of the few that welcomes the first day of the snow season. Obviously, there is no set day or time WHEN it will happen, but MOST fingers are crossed that by some miracle the dreaded snow will fail to arrive. My motto is "Let's ALL Embrace The Snow When It Comes" ( This is why I'm not the most popular person in town )

So the real suspense is WHEN the snow will get here...

...which always leads to an immediate conversation at work, or wherever a group of people is WHEN IT came last year, and then people get their hopes up that MAYBE their enemy will be late showing up, OR by another miracle IT won't show up at all.

Unfortunately, weather "experts" and "buzz kills" have pinpointed as best they can...

...a tragic date coming up soon for the official start of the snow season. According to Rockin's Rick is predicting November 21st for the first snowfall BUT check this out " According to the National Weather Service and other weather reporting agencies, we have a potential winter system that could impact North Dakota next week.  Still way too far out to know the exact path of this potential storm or if it will fall mostly as rain"

"Well you're not from North Dakota - you haven't been around snow all your life"

That's the usual response I get from North Dakota natives when they find out that I actually have no problem with snow, and look forward to it. I have been out here for almost 10 years ( in March of 2024 ) - I have driven through and have been stuck inside my apartment thanks to an abundance of snow - stuck right outside my garage. I still say "Let's All Embrace The Snow When It Comes" - at least for a couple of minutes, okay?

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