So what do you think, step ONE into getting OUR very own?

The very first step of course is the absolute WANT for one of the best hamburgers you will ever have in your life. The one problem I have with this fast-food restaurant is that even though THEY just opened their 400th Nationwide eatery, there are no plans to bring one to North Dakota, more specifically to Bismarck or Mandan. Just recently there were only 7 States that were lucky enough to have these, now Idaho becomes number 8. My one simple question, actually two - WHY can't we have one out here? Who can we plead to get us on their list?

I'm talking about In-N-Out


According to "They were anything but in and out. Burger lovers were so desperate to try Idaho’s first In-N-Out they waited up to eight hours in line — with some even camping out overnight"  Apparently there are TWO more restaurants planned to open up in Idaho.

Three words for you - CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE

It's worth a shot, let's all flood In-N-Out's "Contact Customer Service" -  Let them know all about Bismarck and Mandan, and WHY we need a Double-Double cheeseburger out here ASAP!


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