This is a question that obviously doesn't come up every day in conversation...

...some people I have posed this to have told me they don't have an answer - for many this is an issue of morality - no human being should send someone off to die - "That's still murder" - I ask you this -  if you were on a jury, and it was a murder case where the death penalty would be enforced, could you do it?

So does North Dakota have the Death Penalty? How many others in the United States have it?

Currently, there are 27 States that have the Death Penalty - according to  these are the 27 States...

As you can see North Dakota does NOT have the Death Penalty.

"An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth"

"You say 'an eye for an eye' or 'an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth' to refer to the idea that people should be punished according to the way in which they offended, for example, if they hurt someone, they should be hurt equally badly in return" that's how explained it. I personally would never condemn someone for their own beliefs if they choose NOT to believe in the Death Penalty - it's an extremely emotional issue.

Earlier today in Pittsburgh, a jury unanimously agreed to put a man to death

CNN reported today that "Robert Bowers, the gunman who killed 11 worshippers and wounded six others at a Pittsburgh synagogue in 2018 in the deadliest-ever attack on Jewish people in the United States, was unanimously sentenced to death by a federal jury on Wednesday" By the way, this HAD to be unanimous, or he would have received life in prison without parole. Here are my closing thoughts - IF you ever find yourself one day living in a State that has the Death Penalty, and you are one of the 12 jury members deciding the fate of someone's life, I hope that YOUR decision will be YOURS and YOURS alone and that no one will try to intimidate you into changing your mind - it's that personal of a choice.


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