Last Wednesday night at Sickies Garage Burgers And Brews I ran across a really cool young man wearing a Nirvana t-shirt

That's part of the fun I have at our traditional Bike Nights - all summer long meeting new people - young and old - heck age doesn't matter. A 16-year-old  - his name is Colten Berger. I went up to him and commented about his shirt, asked him if he saw the group live at a concert - "I've never been to one" he said. That was about to change in a HUGE way.

Funny how quickly things can change in life...

...the very next day, I gave away on the air a pair of tickets to see Def Leppard and Motley Crue( AND Alice Cooper ) in Fargo on Friday ( just a couple of days ago ) As fate would have it, Jesse Berger was the winner ( Colten's dad ). I met Jesse at our radio station when he came to pick them up, I told him what an awesome son he had - he nodded with pride and told me with a smile from ear-to-ear that he and his son would take that trip out there together - Colten's FIRST concert was about to happen, and wow what a show!

The World Tour

Friday night rolled around, and father and son were in the FargoDome as Alice Cooper came out and rocked the house. Motley Crue followed and what a set they played, AND then it happened!

"In the right place at the right time"

You have no doubt heard the expression "In the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time" - that was exactly what happened to Colten. After Motley finished, a brief intermission came about, and there in the hallways, a brief photo was taken: Colten texted me this pic...So what do you think...NIKKI SIXX OR NOT?

Colten Berger
Colten Berger

What a capper to an awesome night! **Nikki Sixx ( ? ) and Center-Stanton High School student Colten Berger. A memory that will last forever - "How is that for your first concert ever buddy?

"It was Amazing" he said...No doubt!

** No matter who that was, so what? Everyone had a blast

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