Judging by the title of this story I can tell you that this is going to be amazing

For all of you hockey fans, heck, sports fans - this is going to be something else. Of all the sports we have come to love, unfortunately, only a few of them can be played all year long. Chasing a WHITE ball around a golf course usually starts to irk Mother Nature right up to the point where she rains her wrath with cold weather and WHITE snow. Now hockey on the other hand can be played indoors obviously during the summer and blossom outdoors when it's winter. Coming to West Fargo, North Dakota THE largest hockey retailer in the United States is coming.

Get yourself decked out with all the hockey equipment you'll need

Announced earlier this month on their Facebook page, EPIC Management posted this:

Big Announcement 🏒❗
Pure Hockey is coming to The Lights in West Fargo next year.
EPIC Companies announced today it has leased the last remaining first floor 8,000 commercial square feet of space at ENVY at The Lights to Pure Hockey, the largest hockey equipment retailer in the United States. Pure Hockey will occupy the space next to the WF Dive Bar and The Lights Event Center on the west side of Essentia Health Plaza at The Lights beginning next summer.
“EPIC Companies is proud to provide the commercial space to Pure Hockey’s first retail location in North Dakota,” said McKenzy Braaten, Chief Communications Officer at EPIC Companies.
EPIC Management Facebook Page
EPIC Management Facebook Page

 How awesome is this going to be?

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